EMT Programs

Cataldo Ambulance is the largest 911 provider in Massachusetts.

Our instructors are field experienced 911 EMS providers who understand what it is like to be a new EMT in the challenging and rewarding field of Emergency Medical Services.  We utilize a state of the art patient simulator and ambulance ride time to enhance your learning experience. Our instructors prepare you for the state exams and for working the streets.  Cataldo Ambulance has an EARN as you LEARN program. If we hire you as a chair car operator you will be able to take the EMT program at a substantially reduced tuition.

We recommend that you read through the Frequently Asked Questions and the student handbook for additional information. Please enroll in the program by following the link to our registration website.  Please contact us via email to learn more about this exciting opportunity for a career in Emergency Medical Services at the largest 911 provider in the state!

What are EMT classes like? EMT classes follow a state required standard curriculum that includes classroom learning of subjects like EMS operations, anatomy and physiology, disease process and more. The practical labs are hands on learning practicing skills such as CPR, oxygen administration, bandaging and patient assessment. Click here to find out more.