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Work for Cataldo

From Paramedics and EMTs to 911 Dispatchers and Fleet Maintenance, Cataldo employees are dedicated to supporting and caring for the Greater Boston community.

Field Staff

Field Staff include certified EMTs, Paramedics, SmartCare Paramedics and Wheelchair Van drivers. Our field crews serve our communities proudly. 



Dispatch and Communications are responsible for fielding 911 calls as well as managing transport requests and resource deployment for patients, facilities and municipalities. 



The Education Department provides training and education to our own staff as well as supporting healthcare and public safety personnel throughout the region. Cataldo offers numerous options for EMT training, Paramedic training, and recertification requirements.



Our management and support staff ensure the smooth operation of business functions. A strong “back end” ensures our field crews have everything they need to succeed. 


Featured Service


Mobile Integrated Health services keep patients where they feel most comfortable—at home. SmartCare provides quality care in the home, delivering an exceptional patient experience and improved patient outcomes, all while reducing healthcare costs.