Municipal 911

Cataldo Ambulance Service partners with municipalities to provide around-the-clock emergency 911 coverage to communities throughout the greater Boston and North Shore area of Massachusetts.

Our management teams have decades of experience overseeing emergency services and are experts when it comes to protecting families, friends and neighbors. Caring, professional EMT’s and Paramedics work with local first responders and government agencies to customize our services and ensure every community has the best possible level of care.

Non-Emergency Transportation

Patients in home healthcare facilities, assisted living, nursing homes or hospitals may require medical care and monitoring during transportation home, to medical appointments or other medically necessary transport. For medically necessary transportation.

Cataldo Ambulance partners with local healthcare facilities to offer non-emergent transport options.

Cataldo’s state of the art ambulances are equipped with the latest lifesaving technology and skilled, caring EMT’s and Paramedics to ensure patients are transported as safely and comfortably as possible. We work personally with indivisdual patients and healthcare facilities to ensure our service matches each patients individual needs. At our carious locations throughout Massachusetts, we offer:

  • Basic Life Support
  • Advanced Life Support
  • Bariatric Transport
  • Wheelchair Transportation
  • Mobile Integrated Health services

Special Events

Cataldo Ambulance offers ambulance services to large-scale special events, sports facilities and other venues. We provide short-term contracts for one-time or annual events, including standby ambulance service and first aid. We also offer long-term contracts for larger venues with multiple events throughout the year.

As part of these services, Cataldo provides exclusive standby services to the Boston Garden, Fenway Park and Warrior Arena to name a few.

Public Education & Training

At Cataldo Ambulance, the health and safety of our communities is our #1 priority. In the areas we serve, we offer CPR and First-Aid classes to local schools, business and government agencies upon request, initial EMT training and continuing education for both EMT and Paramedic certifications.