Communications/ Dispatch

The largest 911 EMD Resource Center in Massachusetts.

Cataldo is a leader in implementing innovations and advanced technologies designed to provide exceptional service. The Emergency Medical Dispatch Resource Center is no exception. Cataldo was the first Next-Generation-Ready 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in Massachusetts. Additionally, was the first to provide Mass State E-911 Department approved Continuing Education classes in-house; the first off-site training center for the Mass State E-911 Telecommunicator Certification Class.
Cataldo is proud to have one of the largest EMD Quality Assurance Departments in the state, along with an Active Dispatcher Incentive Program which collaborates on recognition and acknowledgements for our telecommunicators.
We are the largest 911 EMD Resource Center and the only Geo-Diverse Networked 911 Communications Center in Massachusetts.