Mass Casualty/Incident Support

Mass Casualty Incident Trailer

In addition to support vehicles and an Incident Support Unit, Cataldo also maintains a Mass Casualty Incident Trailer. A mass casualty incident is often an event with the potential to overwhelm the public health and medical services of the affected community due to the number of injuries occuring at one time. The severity or diversity of injuries, in addition to the number of potential victims are major factors in determining whether a mass casualty incident requires additional resources outside of the community. Cataldo is equipped with a state of the art MCI Trailer, creating the ability to treat up to 50 adult and pediatric patients at one time.
The Cataldo MCI Trailer includes three key components:
1. Triage and initial stabilization
2. Definitive medical care
3. Evacuation
Cataldo stands ready to support local police and fire in any scenario requiring this type of resource.

Cataldo Ambulance Service Proven MCI Experience

Cataldo response to notable, large scale incidents in the Boston area: 
Incident: [July 23, 2011]
Saugus, MA Tanker Rollover / Explosion
Rte 1 at Essex Street, Elizabeth Court, 101-111 Vine Street, 2 Rice Street, 155 Essex street, Santoro’s SubVilla
At 2:11 am numerous callers reported a tanker rollover on Route 1 North near Essex Street. Responders reported two lanes were fully involved in a fire and requested additional aid from cities and towns. Multiple ambulances were called for multiple victims. Firefighters reported two buildings on fire and gas in the water. Responders evacuated numerous residences and firefighters extinguished several fires. There were several people from the scene transported to area hospitals.
The Fire Chief had set up a unified command consisting of Fire Personnel, EMS command and staging. Lighting was ordered to the scene as well as blankets, food and beverages.
Listed to the right are the EMS resources supplied by Cataldo Ambulance Service

Total ambulances assigned to incident: 9

Advanced Life Support: 4

Basic Life Support: 5

Additional Cataldo resources assigned to the incident:

57 – Clinical Field Supervisor (Cataldo Division)

200– Clinical Field Supervisor (Atlantic Division)

M1 – Fleet Services (lighting and ISU trailer)

68 – Director of Operations – Boston S-13

241 – Incident Support Unit

Chief Operating Officer S-3