After months of coordinating COVID testing in the greater Boston metro area, collaborating on over 200,000 COVID tests, Cataldo Ambulance Service is now a key partner for large scale vaccine sites in Boston. “Our campaign, “Stick it to COVID,” “is a full frontal attack on this virus that has cost us so much.” Says Cataldo COO, Kevin Turner. “We will be vaccinating as many people as possible, as fast as we are able based on the CDC guidelines for access to the vaccine.”

January 28th, launched a collaboration between Cataldo Ambulance, CIC-Health, BIDMC, Fenway Park and DSME, to utilize Fenway Park to stage the vaccination of over 300 people a day to start.  Cataldo Ambulance will support the vaccination operation, and BIDMC will provide medical oversight. Once up and running, organizers project thousands of people daily could be vaccinated at the site.

To manage this vaccination effort, Cataldo initiated a call to healthcare professionals able to help with vaccine deployment. “What we need,” says Dan Hoffenberg, a Cataldo VP, “are healthcare professionals who want to ‘Stick it to COVID.’ We are in need of vaccinators, and support staff.  Anyone who wants to help make a difference and Stick it to COVID can visit us online to sign up for this effort.”

There are more than 16,000 EMT-Basics and 7,000 paramedics in Massachusetts. While paramedics are able to administer injections, EMT-Bs historically have not. Recently, the state issued a special waiver allowing EMTs to administer COVID vaccines. For these first responders who have been answering the call throughout this pandemic, it’s a chance to offer protection to the communities they serve. “Everyone wants to ‘Stick it to COVID.” Says Hoffenberg. “For us, this is the light at the end of the tunnel.” In addition to EMTs and Paramedics, Cataldo is seeking help from nurses, doctors, pharmacists,

To help as a vaccinator or provide administrative support, go to and click on “COVID Vaccine Effort.”