Why Choose SmartCare?

Recently discharged patients often face a risk of readmission following their hospitalization. For some patients, follow up care can be difficult to coordinate, or there may be confusion about medication management. 

SmartCare Mobile Integrated Healthcare leverages the skill of highly trained medical personnel, extending the reach of a patient’s care team, and ensuring patient-centered care for high risk or chronically ill patients.

Through a healthcare partner, SmartCare offers personalized, in-home, care options and an increasingly practical solution to maintaining continuity of care outside of an institutional setting.

SmartCare allows patient care teams to include skilled Paramedics as their eyes and ears in the field. This streamlined approach ensures a patient is kept within their own hospital network, and that the primary care physician is informed and involved in a patient’s care. SmartCare affords physician groups the flexibility to manage care outside of their office hours.

Pre-Hospital Care

Many situations do not necessitate the use of an emergency response as the best possible course of action, but a patient calling after hours is often directed towards the 911 system as a fallback. 

One goal of SmartCare is to provide a healthcare option for patients who may otherwise be directed to use the 911 system for an urgent (not emergent need).

SmartCare offers an efficient, cost effective, and medically appropriate patient-centered healthcare option.

Specialized Training

Smartcare Paramedics undergo specialized training in direct in-home patient care and communication and have a minimum of 5 years of field experience with at least 3 years in a 911 emergency environment.