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Punching in and accessing the schedule

When punching in please note that certain locations have a geo fence that will not allow you to punch in via a mobile device.  We have Punch clocks available via iPad at many of our clinic locations.  When you punch in please remember to put the location where you are working in the notes section. For example, if you are working at the Hynes, you will put the word “Hynes” in the notes section before clicking “punch in.”

You will use ESO to check your schedule and bid on open shifts.  Typically we will page out via email when there are open shifts that need filling.  You should feel free to bid on those, but please remember that you will always receive a confirmation if your bid was accepted. Click here for a “walk through” of how to use ESO.

When logging in for the first time, please use your first initial and last name as your username. Use 12345678 as your password.

For assistance, email

Checking payroll information

You can use KRONOS to check payroll information and access your pay stubs. When logging into KRONOS for the first time your username is your first initial and your last name.

Example: kturner

Your starter password will be 123456

If you are having trouble, email:

Processing a Payroll Correction

If you suspect that an error has occurred on your payroll check, please complete this form as soon as possible.  

Below is a video related to optimizing syringe/dose management.

Accessing your Cataldo email

You have been issued a Cataldo email. Be sure to check it frequently as this is how we will communicate work related information, shift availability, updates, etc. When logging in for the first time, make sure you include the necessary information in the domain box and use Cataldo1 as the password.

For the domain box include ca_pdc\kturner

(replace kturner with your first initial and lastname)

See the sample screen below.


The Color System

Color is a software system that we use for vaccinations at our major sites.  Color allows us to view guest appointments, verify their information, assist guests with booking their second appointment and document their vaccination record. 

All employees will need a Color account and you can register for your account by clicking here

When registering for your color account you must register with your Cataldo email address.

Lab Pass / COVID testing

We will be testing staff for COVID-19 on Mondays and Thursdays each week.  To ensure you are ready please take a moment to create a Lab Pass account. You can follow the link below.  Once you have created an account you are all set to order a test.  This means that when you are asked to be tested, you will simply click the “create order” button, self-administer the test, provide the completed test to the onsite tester, and you’re done!  The results will be emailed to you the next day.

  1. Instructions for staff creating their account using an access code:  click here
  2. Sign in here 
  3. Access Code: StadiumTesting
  4. Once account has been created, staff will need to log in and “place order” prior to every test. This should be done the night before so your order populates in our system and labels can be preprinted. It can also be done onsite if necessary.
  5. Instructions for staff on “How to Swab

Site locations

The Hynes Convention Center

The Hynes Center is located within the Prudential Center in Boston at 900 Boylston Avenue. To enter you MUST complete a daily health screen. Click here to access.

There is ample parking around the Hynes Center. We have secured a discounted rate for employees at the following parking garages located near the Hynes Convention Center.

At 100 Huntington Ave., Copley Place Parking is $10 per day.

The Prudential Parking Garage on Huntington Ave. will be $15.00 per day.

There is another parking garage entrance at 113 Belvidere Street (same garage at $15 per day.)

To receive the parking discount you must request a validation sticker  (for Copley Place Parking) or a coupon (for Prudential parking) from a Cataldo supervisor once on site. These need to be scanned when paying for parking in order to receive the discount.

There are also public transportation options that will bring you right to the Prudential Center. It is easily accessible from the MBTA’s Green Line, Orange Line, Commuter Rail and bus system. The Green Line “E” train has a Prudential Center stop which exits into the Center. 

Our operating hours at the Hynes will be 8 am to 6 pm seven days/week.

Click here for a printable map.

Click here for directions to the Hynes Center

The Everett site is located at the Pope John High School, 888 Broadway in Everett. If you are scheduled here, report to location at 8 am. Clinic hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Employee parking is in the front of the school. Employee entrance is in back of the school. Please do not park in this lot, it is for guests only. Click here for directions

To access parking please enter through Lafayette St and turn into the back parking lot of the school and then proceed through the lot to Cameron St and turn left and enter the employee parking area (see arrows below)







Salem State University

Our Salem State site operates at different days each week however we are working to finalize plans that will have the site operating 5 days per week from 8AM to 5PM with 1000 guest appointments each day.  We will update this space once we finalize this plan and have more details.

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Uniform requests

If you are still missing a piece of your uniform please click the link below to request what you need.

Please note that all uniform requests will be fulfilled at the Hynes and available during a future shift.  Check with your site leaders to see if your request has been filled when you arrive for your shift.