EMT Training

What are EMT Classes like? EMT classes follow a state required standard curriculum that includes classroom learning of subjects like EMS operations, anatomy and physiology, disease process and more. The practical labs are hands on learning practicing skills such as CPR, oxygen administration, bandaging and patient assessment.

Do I need to buy a stethoscope, BP cuff or anything else for the EMT program? No. We provide these items in the class room

When I finish the EMT course am I now and EMT? When you successfully complete the EMT course you are eligible to take the Massachusetts State EMT practical exam and the National Registry of EMTs written exam. The National Registry of EMTs written exam is completed at a testing center on a computer. Midterm and final exams in the EMT program are set up in a similar way to the National written exam so you can be comfortable with the testing process.

The other part of the testing is a practical or skills test. If you take the practical exam with your class we set up the exam with the state. We offer several practice sessions before the practical exam to keep your skills sharp.

How long do I have to test? Massachusetts allows up to two years to complete the entire testing process after EMT course completion. Most EMT students complete the testing process shortly after they complete the EMT program. We HIGHLY recommend that you take both exams as soon as is practical after you complete your EMT class.

If you take the practical exam first you have one year after the practical exam date or up to two years after course completion, whichever comes first, to take the written exam. If it is more than one year since you took the practical exam and less than two years since course completion you will have to take a skills verification exam to complete the testing process. These are done one on one by a qualified instructor. Skills verification is not a substitute for the practical exam.

I want to sign up for the EMT class, but there are no seats.  Do you have a wait list? Our classes tend to fill quickly. We recommend you sign up as quickly as possible to secure a seat in the class. A wait list is created after the class is filled and taken in the order receive. Please contact the EMT program as noted on the contact information to be placed on our wait list.

What does the tuition include/not include? The tuition includes all instructional costs, the text book with on-line access for up to one year after course start, student uniform shirt. The tuition is listed on the course registration.  National Registry testing fee, the state practical testing fee and Massachusetts Department of Public Health certification fees are NOT included.

Do you hire EMTs from your EMT program? Yes we do!

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