SmartCare Mobile Integrated Healthcare Expands

Mobile Integrated Healthcare Gains Traction In 2019 Cataldo, introduced SmartCare, the first licensed, mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) resource in Massachusetts. For seven years prior to being awarded the license, Cataldo invested in the SmartCare concept through pilots and numerous studies, demonstrating the effectiveness of mobile integrated healthcare resources. These independent programs, approved by the state […]

Municipalities Lean on Cataldo for COVID Testing

Municipalities Lean on Cataldo for COVID Testing Cataldo has been doing a lot more than answering 911 calls and deploying ambulances across the 20 municipalities it serves as a primary emergency resource. These days, the relationship extends beyond emergency response to ongoing COVID testing as part of the municipal public health,  wellness and safety initiatives. […]

Healthcare Innovation Starts at Cataldo

In effort to prevent hospital visits, paramedics treat patients in their homes   When 97-year-old Clara Morano had trouble breathing as well as swelling in her legs earlier this year, an ambulance took her to the emergency room at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth, where doctors helped her recover. If those symptoms return, she may […]

SmartCare Gets Ready to Test Patients at Home

SmartCare Gets Ready to Test Patients at Home CHELSEA, MASS. (WHDH) – A local ambulance service plans to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus by testing symptomatic patients at their homes. Dan Hoffenberg, vice president of Cataldo Ambulance, says their SmartCare division has the capability of sending paramedics to patients’ houses for testing. “Instead […]

Cataldo Ambulance is Actively Recruiting

Cataldo Ambulance is actively recruiting in every category.  Cataldo Ambulance Service, the largest 911 emergency response provider in Massachusetts, set an aggressive goal for itself. “80 EMTs in 90 days,” says CPP, Kevin Turner, “was the goal for Q4 of 2020. We developed a new program , and with all hands on deck, we met […]