SmartCare Gets Ready to Test Patients at Home

CHELSEA, MASS. (WHDH) – A local ambulance service plans to help stop the spread of the Coronavirus by testing symptomatic patients at their homes.

Dan Hoffenberg, vice president of Cataldo Ambulance, says their SmartCare division has the capability of sending paramedics to patients’ houses for testing.

“Instead of having some symptoms and coming out and going to get your test and potentially infecting some other people in the community, we’re gonna go to you now,” he said. “We’re gonna take the swab that’s necessary and bring that test back to the lab so they can stay in place.”

Paramedics going into the homes will have the same personal protective equipment as other medical professionals.

Cataldo says it hopes to get started on its home testing initiative for Coronavirus in the next few days.

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