Cataldo Hits 200,000 Test Mark

Cataldo is providing testing at multiple sites throughout the greater Boston area under the state’s “Stop the Spread” campaign as well as for municipalities supporting their residents.  The large scale testing efforts have been an important way for public health officials to identify hotspots.

The need for ongoing testing has also impacted recruitment at Cataldo. “Cataldo is always recruiting great talent!  It’s a great opportunity for folks who may be interested in the world of Emergency Medical Services to start as a COVID tester,” says Kelli Megill of Human Resources.  “We are actively hiring and training COVID testing crews. These additional employment opportunities provide testing support during this public health crisis, as well as creating new career opportunities for many people.”

Massachusetts first responders continue to address an increasing number of COVID+ patients each day during this crisis.


Cataldo Ambulance Service

Cataldo is the largest certified Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Resource Center in Massachusetts, providing EMD services to 11 communities and serving 20 communities as a 911 responder. In addition to providing state of the art EMS field services to patients, Cataldo collaborates on community health and wellness initiatives. Active in the communities served, Cataldo maintains a presence on numerous, local chamber boards, and in membership organizations focused on wellness and healthcare. Founder, Dennis Cataldo, serves as president of the Massachusetts Ambulance Association, an organization actively promoting policy efforts designed to drive excellence in patient care across the state.2