Mobile Integrated Healthcare Gains Traction

In 2019 Cataldo, introduced SmartCare, the first licensed, mobile integrated healthcare (MIH) resource in Massachusetts. For seven years prior to being awarded the license, Cataldo invested in the SmartCare concept through pilots and numerous studies, demonstrating the effectiveness of mobile integrated healthcare resources. These independent programs, approved by the state during the pilot period, included support of vulnerable populations, remote monitoring of home-hospital patients, and 24/7 alternatives to after-hours urgent care for patient-based organizations.

In January of 2021, SmartCare has already provided over 4000 patient interventions as a licensed provider. When the COVID-19 health crisis emerged, SmartCare became the primary partner for many large hospital systems serving the region. Assessments, testing and in-home patient care were all managed by SmartCare paramedics, trained to a national standard in MIH. This kept presumptively positive patients out of emergency departments for physician visits, supported onsite testing, and allowed for continuation of care for vulnerable patients.

Today, Smartcare paramedics work as active members of patient care teams, supporting chronically ill patients and managing care for specific patient populations identified by our healthcare partners.

“My mother has never had better care than the care she is getting now which includes the SmartCare team!”


Cataldo Ambulance Service


Cataldo is the largest certified Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) Resource Center in Massachusetts, providing EMD services to 11 communities and serving 20 communities as a 911 responder. In addition to providing state of the art EMS field services to patients, Cataldo collaborates on community health and wellness initiatives. Active in the communities served, Cataldo maintains a presence on numerous, local chamber boards, and in membership organizations focused on wellness and healthcare. Founder, Dennis Cataldo, serves as president of the Massachusetts Ambulance Association, an organization actively promoting policy efforts designed to drive excellence in patient care across the state.