Meet some members of our team.

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Below: Meet Jomayra Orona, an EMT since 2017. Jomayra started in EMS after being encouraged by friends. “They knew I cared about my community and thought it would be  a good fit,” she says. When asked about how she feels about her job today, she says, “We save lives every day. That’s what we do.”

Below: Cataldo Educators, Our amazing educators help students get up close and personal with techniques and procedures so they can feel confident once on their own in the field. All of them have extensive field experience and a passion for sharing knowledge and helping their students succeed.

Above: Meet Rachel Richard, an EMT since 2015, she loves the adrenaline of emergency calls. Rachel started with Cataldo “just to see if she liked EMS.” Four years later, she has found her calling. Her colleagues describe her as “deeply committed.” Says Rachel, “there is nothing more important than being able to make a difference for a patient in crisis.”

Below: Meet Mike Simon, a SmartCare Paramedic. Mike chose to become a Smartcare Paramedic in order to expand his clinical skills. He loved the excitement of being a Paramedic, but was also drawn by the opportunity to better get to know his patients and support their day to day health and well being.

Below: Meet Chelsea Callahan and Matt Michaud, members of the Education team. Chelsea recently achieved her EMT certification and Matt, who also holds a Ph.D. in Divinity, is a certified EMS educator and Paramedic. Besides supporting the critical education and training that goes on at the Cataldo Education center, they share a love of hot sauce!

Above: Meet Ryan Kelley. Ryan decided to become an EMT after an emergency call saved his grandfather’s life. Years later he worked side by side with the Paramedic who had resuscitated his family member.  “That experience was life changing for me. I knew right then,” says Ryan, “that I wanted to do something that could make that kind of difference.”

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