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Cataldo Ambulance Enters Waltham

January 3, 2013 - Cataldo Ambulance Service is pleased to announce the recent awarding of the exclusive contract to provide emergency ambulance services to the City of Waltham. The contract,Waltham slated to begin February 10, 2013, is for a period of three years. The official award was announced in late December to the management staff of Cataldo Ambulance Service by Jeannette McCarthy, Mayor of the City.

After a lengthy process, in which qualified companies were invited to submit a response to the City’s formal Request for Proposals, an extensive evaluation process identified Cataldo as the best choice to provide service to Waltham’s 60,000 residents. Said Dennis Cataldo, Vice President of Cataldo Ambulance Service, “We are extremely excited to have been selected by the leadership in the City of Waltham to provide EMS Services for their residents. The honor of being selected to provide this service is a great testament to the professionalism and quality of patient care provided by our EMT’s and Paramedics in the field. We are very thankful to Mayor McCarthy for her leadership throughout the process and look forward to providing the citizens of Waltham with top notch EMS services for years to come.”

Cataldo Ambulance Service remains one of the most respected family owned providers of medical transportation in the Northeast. The City of Waltham represents the sixteenth community in the Greater Boston and North Shore areas that Cataldo Ambulance Service delivers primary emergency 911 ambulance services to on a daily basis. We are grateful that the city's selection committee unanimously recommended Cataldo Ambulance Service to provide these most critical services for the residents and visitors of this renown City.

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