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American Ambulance Association Honors the 2014 Class of Stars

Somerville, MA, March 31, 2014 – Cataldo Ambulance is proud to announce the recipients of the American Ambulance Association's 2014 Stars of Life, Jesse Godin and Brian Gonsalves. The American Ambulance Association honored the 2014 Stars of Life with 3 days of celebration, education and advocacy in the Nation's Capital. The nominees for this award come from a community of the unsung, often inconspicuous in their heroism and commitment to the public they serve. They are extraordinary men and women that make a difference every day.

Supervisor Jesse Godin is an exemplary member of the Cataldo team. His recognition is not based on aJesse Godin single specific event. Recognition for his nomination is much more difficult to achieve. It requires contributions and initiatives that support the team overall every day, on every shift from the field to dispatch, and the overall economic health of the organization. Significant responsibility in the daily operation of the Boston Communications Division, Jesse supervises and assists team members as needed during shifts with the technical work in receiving and dispatching emergency calls.  He assists with management duties and requests in a wide variety of ways, from special projects, to on-going day to day reporting and problem solving. It’s important for him to know that the telecommunicators in Dispatch are professional, knowledgeable and focused on customer service. This assurance comes from his participation as a CTO and assisting the Training Administrator with the initial 911 equipment training and certification of staff. Jesse is committed to Quality patient care through EMD.  Jesse is a member of the EMDQ quality assurance team. Well known to the compliance and billing office, Jesse resolves ePCR complications and assists with the completion of calls. All of these efforts assure that revenue flow is available to allow Cataldo to maintain the patient care equipment and tools necessary to lead the industry. Jesse is a great example of someone who has earned the Star of Life through hard work and dedication to the profession and Cataldo Ambulance.

Brian is a paramedic for Atlantic Ambulance Service based in Peabody, Massachusetts.  After experiencing first-hand the delays in access to patients at some school campuses, Brian set about to improve the EMS System’s performance for this special population.  In some cases, the difference in Brian Gonsalves“arrival at scene” and “arrival at patient side” times on these sprawling campuses could be as much as five to six minutes.  As he began, what he found was a wide variety of procedures among the schools in the city where he works and resides with his wife and two children.

He quickly assembled schematics of the schools from public safety databases which included door numbering and descriptions of functional areas of the schools and their associated facilities.  He added satellite mapping images to assist responders in navigating their approach to the campuses based on their ultimate destination.  This guide will be placed in each of the ambulances serving the City.

He contacted school department officials, ultimately arranging with the Superintendent to make an “EMS System response 101” presentation to a city-wide meeting of Principals.  To that group, he described the potential for improved response and proposed options for training by facility and drill scenarios.  That group now has a greater understanding of how their direct action, both in preparation and in individual incidents, can impact the lives of the students in their charge.

American Ambulance Association
Founded in 1979, the AAA's Mission is: "To promote health care policies that ensure excellence in the ambulance services industry and provide research, education and communications programs to enable its members to effectively address the needs of the communities they serve." The American Ambulance Association represents ambulance services across the United States that participate in serving more than 75% of the U.S. population with emergency and nonemergency care and medical transportation services. The AAA was formed in response to the need for improvements in medical transportation and emergency medical services. The Association services as a voice and clearinghouse for ambulance services across the nation. The Association views prehospital care not only as a public service, but also as an essential part of the total public health care system.

Cataldo Ambulance Service
Cataldo Ambulance Service, and Atlantic Ambulance Service(a division of Cataldo Ambulance Service), currently provide 911 responses for 15 municipalities, hospitals and numerous private contracts from 21 base locations throughout Massachusetts covering Greater Boston and the North Shore.  They are also a leading private provider of Emergency Medical Transportation in the Commonwealth. The Atlantic Ambulance Service Division is the primary entity that responds to communities in the northern most region of the Cataldo Ambulance Service operating area.

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