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Cataldo Ambulance Service Renews Back-up Service Contract with City of Melrose

Somerville, MAJuly 8, 2014 - Cataldo Ambulance Service is pleased to announce the recent renewal of the contract to provide exclusive back-up coverage of Advanced Life Support (ALS) and Basic Life Support (BLS) ambulance services to the City of Melrose. The contract renewal, which began July 1st 2014, is for a period of two years.

As agreed upon by both parties, Cataldo Ambulance will also continue to provide coverage and support for various community events. Since July 2008, Cataldo Ambulance Service has been involved in emergency medical services coverage for the City of Melrose. With several base locations surrounding Melrose, Cataldo Ambulance is well-equipped to handle the continued requests for back-up ALS and BLS responses within the City.

Cataldo Ambulance has a proven track record of clinical excellence and thirty-seven years of experience in providing emergency medical services in the Greater Boston and North Shore areas of Massachusetts.


Cataldo Ambulance Service
Cataldo Ambulance Service, and Atlantic Ambulance Service(a division of Cataldo Ambulance Service), currently provide 911 responses for 15 municipalities, hospitals and numerous private contracts from 21 base locations throughout Massachusetts covering Greater Boston and the North Shore.  They are also a leading private provider of Emergency Medical Transportation in the Commonwealth.  The Atlantic Ambulance Service Division is the primary entity that responds to communities in the northern most region of the Cataldo Ambulance Service operating area.


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