Non-Emergency Services


Our combination of personnel and equipment puts us far ahead of the competition.

The professionalism of our staff is evident in their appearance, attitude and performance. All Cataldo employees are required to wear company issued uniforms and to maintain the highest standards of clinical excellence.We firmly believe in providing our personnel with the best vehicles and equipment available.

Everything we use in our daily work is scrutinized for its ease of use, functionality, durability and performance. From wheelchairs to cardiac monitors, all equipment is fully evaluated before being purchased and issued for use in the field.

Standby Event Services

As a demonstration of our community concern, we also stand by at college and high school athletic events and at major community activities such as fairs and festivals.

We are also proud to be providing service to the TD Bank North Garden covering all the Boston Bruins and Boston Celtics home games, and Fenway Park for all Boston Red Sox home games.  Recently, we have also begun standby services at Warrior Arena, the practice facility of the Bruins.

Elders on the Move

Long-term care facilities and elderly groups are encouraged to participate in our premier bus tour program, Elders On The Move.

This program incorporates several unique features to ensure ease of scheduling for the social services or activities coordinator. Whether it’s lending a helping hand at a facility outing, or providing transportation to view holiday lights, adding to the patient’s quality of life is our goal.



COVID Testing and Management

Cataldo offers COVID-19 testing in support of municipalities, educational organizations, senior housing and small businesses. In partnership with ProEMS and the Broad Institute, Cataldo is able to offer a complete testing program including participant administration, testing management and lab results.

During the height of the COVID-19 crisis SmartCare staff supported COVID + patients by offering early testing for presumptively positive patients in their homes. Cataldo currently offers ongoing testing and surveillance programs. For more information about testing programs contact Dan Hoffenberg at (857) 523-0102