Cataldo Paramedics Featured

By Cataldo Administrator on Dec 21 in The Company.

Cataldo Paramedics on front lines of Opioid Crisis in Boston.

Somerville, Mass. – December 21, 2017 – Cataldo Ambulance Service employees were recently featured by Reuters in an article describing the alarming increase in Opioid overdose calls.  Read the full article here.


In Massachusetts, EMS opioid overdose calls hit 20,978 in 2016…


Cataldo Ambulance Service


Cataldo Ambulance Service, and Atlantic Ambulance Service (a division of Cataldo Ambulance Service), currently provides 911 responses for 17 municipalities, hospitals and numerous private contracts from 24 base locations throughout Massachusetts covering Greater Boston and the North Shore. They are also a leading private provider of Emergency Medical Transportation in the Commonwealth. The Atlantic Ambulance Service Division is the primary entity that responds to communities in the northern most region of the Cataldo Ambulance Service operating area.