Cataldo EMT Prints 3D Respirators

By Cataldo Administrator on Dec 21 in The Company.

Cataldo EMT Prints 3D Respirators


Paul Martin, an EMT and Educator for Cataldo, is using a combination of ingenuity and 21st century technology to help meet the need for PPE. Using 3D printers, he is making respirators and face shields for Cataldo crew. An EMT with Cataldo for the last 6 years, he has stepped into educator roles during the last two. Bringing problem solving skills to the the first responders he trains, is part of the goal. Clearly Martin practices what he preaches.

“I’m up to 54 face shields and 12 respirators. Our goal is to be able to supply at least a150 of each to start.” The respirators take four hours each, making it difficult to generate the volume quickly. He welcomes donations of masks or face shield frames from other 3D printing enthusiasts using the same pattern. The patterns he is using include:
Mask: (4-hole version)
Face shield:

When Paul isn’t working as a first responder/educator, he is part of the Explosive Ordinance Disposal Unit of the Army National Guard. “I absolutely love my job!” says Martin. Of that, we have no doubt.


Massachusetts first responders continue to address an increasing number of COVID+ patients each day during this crisis.


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