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Cataldo Ambulance Service Shares Its Clinical Excellence and Modern Communications System.

Chennai, India – July 2017 – Cataldo Ambulance Service announces the results of a  collaboration between Partners Medical International (PMI), Boston, and Sri Ramaswamy Memorial Institute of Science and Technology Trust (SRM), Chennai, India, to provide expert inputs and training for the development and implementation of an Emergency Medical Services Dispatch Center designed to improve the level of pre-hospital emergency and trauma care provided at the SRM associated hospitals in Chennai and Trichy, India.

Cataldo personnel was part of a team led by Dr. Zayed Yasin, an Emergency Medicine Physician at Emergency Medicine International at Brigham Women’s Hospital International (EMI@BWH), which was contracted by PMI to provide services to improve quality and processes in emergency care at SRM.  The team of emergency medical professionals went to Chennai in the fall of 2016 and in spring and summer of 2017 to support the opening of an emergency communications center in order to advance pre-hospital paramedical care, in an effort to support SRM’s forward-looking vision and desire to becoming an industry leader in India for emergency medical services. Chuck Fothergill, Cataldo Ambulance Director of PSAP and Communications Infrastructure, performed a site assessment in August 2016 to define the needs and helped develop the infrastructure using local vendors. This spring Chuck returned with Dawn Hierholcer, Cataldo Ambulance Communications Training Administrator to train SRM staff in delivery of Emergency Medical Instructions and to open an advanced communications center, capable of delivering pre-arrival instructions to callers while ambulances are being dispatched. The infrastructure of the new communications center includes GPS technology that can locate the closest ambulance to dispatch and update responding medics with on-scene medical conditions of patients.

Cataldo Ambulance Service also provided education of the pre-hospital staff for the SRM system. A core curriculum based on national standards was developed to fit the Indian healthcare system. David Franklin, Cataldo Ambulance Service Clinical Field Supervisor, in conjunction with Dr. Yasin and several SRM attending physicians, delivered this material to the pre-hospital staff.

Since October 2015, PMI and EMI@BWH have worked with the Emergency Medicine staff at the three SRM hospitals to develop and implement an integrated trauma care system. Cataldo Ambulance Service, a leader in the E.M.S. industry, strives to meet or exceed all established standards of care and hopes to continue to support PMI and EMI@BWH on the current and future projects.

Partners Medical International (PMI) is a global division of Partners HealthCare (PHS), founded by the Massachusetts General Hospital and the Brigham and Women’s Hospital; PMI provides services in patient care, education and training, and health care delivery improvement.  While PMI offers these services to clients overseas, the services are ultimately provided by the experts from the hospitals of PHS. PMI prides itself on its ability to build strong, long-lasting relationships that help its clients make progress along the path toward ever higher standards of access, quality and efficiency. PMI has successfully worked on greenfield and brownfield hospital, university, and clinical and academic program development, restructuring, and growth projects in over 40 countries worldwide.


The team of emergency medical professionals went to Chennai in…summer of 2017 to support the opening of an emergency communications center.


Emergency Medicine International at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (EMI@BWH)

Emergency Medicine International at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (EMI@BWH) is the outward facing arm of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), a major teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School and a founding member of Partners HealthCare.

EMI@BWH was established to engage in collaborations with external clients and partners seeking to improve their emergency and acute care delivery systems, including hospital based care delivery, prehospital care and disaster medical response. The scope of EMI@BWH’s expertise spans across the extended spectrum of acute care needs.

SRM University launched its Engineering College near Chennai in 1985 and founded its SRM Medical College Hospital and Research Center in 2005 in the same location. SRM has multiple campuses for many different fields in various parts of India, including another medical college and hospital in Trichy, and a corporate hospital in Chennai (SIMS – SRM Institutes for Medical Science).  Besides teaching undergraduate medical students, it also has 174 postgraduate students in broad medical specialties and 15 in subspecialties. SRM is a Deemed University and it is consistently ranked in the top universities in India; it was ranked number one Private Engineering Institute in 2017.

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